Get ready for the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

With the upcoming deprecation of the Dynamics 365 classic web client interface, organisations are having to prepare for the switch to the Unified Interface.

The official deprecation date is the 1st December 2020, but many organisations will want to start their transition onto the new interface in the coming months in preparation for this shift.

After the 1st December, the Unified Interface will be the only client interface for Dynamics, with all roadmap investments focused here.

Microsoft have begun to send notifications to organisations about this change, including a planned transition date. If you aren’t ready to make the move just yet, you can request a new transition date using the Unified Interface Scheduling Portal.

What is the Unified Interface?

Historically, Microsoft used different technologies for the different Dynamics 365 user interfaces, i.e. web, mobile web, mobile app and Outlook. The Unified Interface is a new, modern responsive web experience that has been designed to be used across all Dynamics 365 user interfaces.

What can you expect from the Unified Interface?

  • Design

    Modern, better use of space and seamless experience across multiple devices.

  • Model-driven Power Apps experience

    Ability to build specific apps according to a user’s role or function, simplifying the user experience.

  • Business process enhancements

    Improved visual indicators of record process stage.

  • Navigation

    Left-hand panel and swift navigation between different apps in the solution.

  • Timeline Wall

    Clear communication tracking against records using a single plane with an easy to read timeline view.

  • Lists

    Simpler filtering and ability to view summary contact details with new hover feature.

  • Reference Panel

    Helping you to get work done without clicking away from the current view.

  • Controls

    Introduction of rich, custom mobile friendly dials and visualisations.

  • Embedded Power BI Dashboards

    Enriched data insight within Dynamics 365 with Power BI.

Benefits of the new Unified Interface

The usability and functionality of the Unified Interface have been significantly improved from the classic web client.  The responsive and seamless experience across different devices and screen sizes allows users to work anywhere, using any device efficiently.

The Unified Interface performs better on modern web browsers with rich and interactive web forms and delivers faster loading times.

In fact, Microsoft has highlighted the improvements that can be expected as a result in transitioning to the Unified Interface:

63% improvement in grid load

37% improvement in form load

45% improvement in dashboard load

27% improvement in mobile launch time

The ability to reduce ‘noise’ and allow users to have a highly focused, role-based experience means your workforce are more engaged leading to improved user-adoption. Better use of space allows additional data and entities to fit onto one screen, enabling organisations to surface more of the information they need in one place.

What does this mean for me?

Training. This will be a change for users, so we recommend running some training sessions to familiarise users with the new interface.

Testing. There is a chance that some functions currently in use will be unsupported in the Unified Interface, so you will need to ensure that that the move is carefully planned, and testing is completed to highlight any potential issues or gaps before the transition.

Enhancements. The introduction of new features means that this is the perfect opportunity to review your use of Dynamics 365 and how your users are engaging with the system. We suggest exploring the new features of the UI to see whether these can improve current ways of working within Dynamics 365.

What do I need to do?

We have contacted all customers that hold a Managed Services contract to discuss plans to move to the Unified Interface.

If you would like some advice or help in transitioning to the new Unified Interface, get in touch at or give us a call on 01628 519 000.

For a more in-depth look at the Unified Interface and planning your transition, you can take a look at Microsoft’s Unified Interface Playbook.

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