Provide your organisation with a centralised hub for collaboration and communication whilst working remotely- in just weeks.

The world of work has changed dramatically in recent months. For many of us, the office is now a quiet corner of the house, and our catch ups with colleagues are conducted via video call (featuring a dog, if you’re lucky).

To maintain a sense of community and structure in a remote-working world, organisations must provide their workforce with the digital workplace tools to collaborate and communicate effectively whilst physically apart.

Many companies are turning to their intranets to provide a centralised hub for connecting remote workforces to colleagues, resources, news, events and conversation.

6 features your Intranet should have:

Social and Wellbeing Interaction

Whilst we switch to remote offices it is easy to miss out on general social interaction with our colleagues, your intranet should have a dedicated space where your users can interact. Hold picture competitions, post funny content, host weekly happy hours or a team pub lunch.


Your intranet should give you the tools to plan and promote upcoming online events and target different audiences based on profile information. Replace the office kitchen notice board with a digital space to make sure no one misses out on important training or presentations.

Information Sharing and Internal Communication

Share news articles, how-to-guides, FAQs, news, policies, quick links, video content, and other relevant content on your intranet in an easy user-friendly way. Recognise contributions with rewards and recognition, award badges, shout-out or praise team members.

Mobile App

With workforces working remotely, having a functional intranet app can help to stay connected and up to date with the latest information, having the ability to send push notifications is useful for sending your employees important messages.

Search Function

Your intranet should have an intelligent search function that allows you to search through colleagues to find and engage with the right person for a question or some advice. It should also allow you to search for relevant and useful content.

Forms and Surveys

Gain insight from your employees by publishing surveys and polls on your intranet and analysing the results. Place forms on your intranet for common daily workplace tasks such as holiday applications or expense claims.

Launching your company intranet can be quicker than you think

Intranet projects used to take months, but technology improvements and the rise of ‘intranet-in-a-box’ solutions have dramatically decreased the time to value for your digital workplace.

Our solution of choice is Valo: a ready-made digital workplace solution that sits on top of SharePoint and Office 365, supporting Modern and Classic SharePoint. It can be personalised with your organisation’s branding to give your users a familiar look and feel.

Valo has rich functionality right out-of-the-box, meaning little or no customisation is needed to get a personalised intranet installed and ready to use very quickly. New updates are released every three months, guaranteeing your intranet will stay fresh, keep up with Microsoft releases and will constantly evolve with you.

Lastly, Valo is a surprisingly cost-effective solution considering its rich functionality. It has won the ‘Intranet Choice- Value’ award from Clearbox consulting for both 2018 and 2019.


Happy customers worldwide

We can even use a free Valo trial licence, giving you the option to confirm that Valo is the right choice for you, in your own time, for a whole month. 

To find out more about how Valo supports your digital workplace, take a look at how Wates use Valo to connect their 4,000 employees remotely.

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