Valo Teamwork Benefits

Valo Teamwork is the one-stop solution for displaying all your Teams, Groups and SharePoint sites in a single, easily accessible dashboard.

Teamwork can be used alongside your Valo Intranet or on its own as an independent solution.

The Valo Teamwork tool takes collaboration and communication to the next level, allowing users to share knowledge, make real-time amendments and assign task and deadlines.

The way people work has changed dramatically in the last few years, even more poignantly in the last few months. Therefore, organisations must adapt to these changes and provide their teams with the correct tools to facilitate cross-collaboration, maintain productivity and ensure process governance.

Valo Teamwork User Features:

Groups summary page

View all Office 365 groups that you are a member of, with your favourite groups displayed at the top.


Display and filter documents from OneDrive across all Office 365 groups the user is a member of.


View displays of discussions from Office 365 groups the user is a member of.

Discover groups

Users can discover and join all the public groups they are not yet a part of.

Teamwork Admin UI

Each user’s personal Teamwork app can be accessed directly on the left-hand side navigation of their Teams client.

Lifecycle management

The owner of a Team, Group or Site can archive it from the Teamwork Dashboard, putting it into read-only mode.

Valo Teamwork Admin Features:


Convert Valo Workspaces into Teamwork groups, for those using Valo for their digital workplace.

Template creation

Teamwork adds custom metadata to groups and allows you to customise them or use available templates.

Group prefixes, suffixes and banned words

Administrators can set defined prefixes, suffixes and banned words to the group or site names.


Define up to five metadata fields for your groups.

New group Provisioning

Create new groups, selecting the type of group, the metadata and members.

Allow/Disallow external members

Can disable or allow external sharing for specific groups.

Benefits of adopting Valo Teamwork

  • Creates a better experience for end users

    • Once your users have embraced the use of Teams for collaborating, Teamwork can be put in place to make their experience even better.
    • Enables users to find and manage their multiple workspaces and chat tools together in one place.
    • Creating teams is quick and easy for end-users so they won’t revert back to old habits of emailing documents back and forth.
    • Saves users time- easily and quickly find and reuse resources from previous projects, groups, teams or archived files, instead of spending hours trawling through emails.
  • Helps teams deliver projects smoothly

    • If your organisation has different teams working on projects all the time, Teamwork can help to enable implementation of strict management and privacy permissions.
    • You can open new workspaces for every project or company you are working with. Dashboards will surface a view to enable users to see which projects they are working on and which permissions they’ve been granted.
    • Teamwork allows you to organise ongoing projects; group them by department, purpose, project manager.
    • Not every project workspace is the same, so Teamwork allows you to create unique templates for each different need or pick from the exisiting templates.
  • IT processes

    • Valo Teamwork introduces a governance structure that allows IT to manage online workloads, giving them a clearer understanding of which workspace belongs to which department and who the owner is.
    • The tool also gives IT more control over the whole lifecycle of collaboration and communication within the organisation.
    • IT can set rules so that new Teams can be created automatically or put through an approval process, depending on the type of Team.
  • Doesn’t have to live in the cloud

    • Some organisations have instances where they must store data on their own servers, Teamwork is compatible with Office 365 and on-premise versions.
    • Organisation therefore have the flexibility to store their data on-premise and still make it available to all employees.
  • Seamless integration

    • The tool sits directly in Microsoft Teams or as a part of your intranet.
    • The seamless integration into Office 365 and Teams means the end user won’t feel like they are using another tool, leading to fast and successful adoption.
  • Teamwork is available in two instances; Standard or Enterprise

    • Teamwork Standard includes all features mentioned above.
    • Teamwork Enterprise comes with all functionality of the Standard version but with additional features, geared towards more complicated collaboration scenarios:
      • Enterprise metadata; handle complicated metadata scenarios; i.e. project start and end date, project manager and keywords.
      • SharePoint Sites; include any SharePoint sites in the view, not just groups.

If you have adopted Microsoft Teams but want to increase efficiency and collaboration across your organisation, Valo Teamwork may be the tool for you.

If you would like a to learn more about Valo Teamwork, get in touch at or give us a call on 01628 519 000.

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