Microsoft Teams Success Story

Microsoft Teams success story: past, present and future

Microsoft Teams has become the No.1 online hub for all thing’s teamwork, and it is not hard to see why.

Microsoft Teams Benefits

  • Helps save you time by joining the dots between your Office apps and pulling feeds from websites and social channels.

  • Reduces email traffic by taking conversations out of your inbox and into threaded conversations in your team.

  • Enables you to collaborate on team documents in one place that is accessible and secure.

  • Provides the tools needed to make clear and reliable calls to teams, internal and external individuals.

  • Gives you the ability to host audio, video and web conferences of up to 10,000 with anyone from within or outside your organisation.

  • Enables management capabilities for collaboration, meetings, calling and apps with simple administration providing rigorous security and governance.

Microsoft Teams has seen unprecedented growth since remote working became the new normal in March. The shift to home working saw 200 million Microsoft Teams meeting participants in a single day in April, 2020. Sitting around a meeting room table with colleagues seems like a distant memory for a lot of us.

Microsoft Teams Timeline

  • March, 2017

    Teams is released by Microsoft

  • November, 2019

    20 Million daily users

    November, 2019

  • Beginning of March, 2020

    32 Million daily users

  • End of March, 2020

    44 Million daily users

    End of March, 2020

  • End of April, 2020

    75 Million daily users

Microsoft have been busy studying and learning from Teams users’ behaviour over the past few months and are working hard to further enhance the virtual office experience. They aim to make users feel more connected to their colleagues, reduce meeting fatigue and improve the inclusivity of meetings.

Recent Releases and Updates:

Over the past few months Microsoft have released some great updates to the platform, that you may already be using. To name a few:

Pin your favourite apps

You can now organise your apps on the left side of Teams to compliment the way you work.

Teams calendar improvements

You now have the ability to start a chat with meeting participants and quickly join a meeting when it starts.

Introduction of channel analytics

Channel metrics are now included in Team analytics.

Grid view for meetings

Nine video streams are now allowed at one time in meetings.

Raise hand Function

You can now let people know you have a question or point to make without interrupting.

Pop-out chat

Double-click to open a chat in a separate window, making multi-tasking easier.

Gather more of your teammates together

Team size increased to 10,000, group chat size increased to 250 and meeting size increased to 300.

Customisable backgrounds introduced

You can now change your background in a Teams meeting to whatever you like.

We have created our own Pythagoras background to differentiate ourselves in meetings with external participants.

Upcoming Releases and Updates:

Microsoft recently released a detailed plan for upcoming new features in Microsoft Teams. The Teams experience is about to get even better, here are a few planned releases and updates that are due to come out to all users this year:

Together Mode

Using AI segmentation, this new feature places meeting participants in a shared background, improving the human connection with collaborators.

Dynamic view

This view enables you to have more control over how you see shared content and other meeting participants by dynamically optimising these elements to suit your preferences.

Video filters

Apply filters to adjust lighting and to soften the focus of your camera.

Live reactions

React using emojis whilst in a meeting, providing instant feedback.

Large gallery view

See up to 49 people in a meeting grid view at one time.

Virtual breakout rooms

Split participants into smaller breakout groups during meetings.

Chat bubbles

Meeting chat will surface in one place, viewable at all times by all participants.

Increased meeting sizes

Bring large groups together in an interactive meeting with a maximum of 1,000 participants.

Tasks app

New centralised view of tasks from across your Office 365 account.

Suggested replies

Assistive AI creates short responses based of the context of the previous message.

Take a further sneak peak of the upcoming releases and find out more about each update here.