Click Dimensions: So much more than Email Marketing

ClickDimensions: So much more than email marketing

For those unfamiliar with the platform, Click Dimensions is a comprehensive Marketing Cloud that sits within Microsoft Dynamics. Not only is ClickDimensions a leading marketing platform built with marketeers in mind, but over the last ten years it has invested in building the platform’s substantial portfolio of products and features to support customers way beyond email marketing.

In this blog post we discuss some of the exciting features offered by ClickDimensions.

Social Media Marketing Tools

ClickDimensions’ Social Marketing function is designed specifically for B2B organisations who are looking for an intelligent, and efficient solution that maximises their brand awareness and social media ROI.

There are a few options to choose from depending on your organisation’s social media needs. The ClickDimensions platform includes valuable social media features out of the box, however there is also the option for a Social Media Marketing add on that compliments and accelerates the features already available out of the box.

Key Features

  • Intelligent Scheduling (included free out-of-the-box)

    Automatically schedule and spread your social media posts across your schedule. View and edit your scheduled posts in the social media editorial calendar.

  • Social Listening (Included in add-on)

    Discover and engage in social conversations across various relevant social networks easily and all in one place.

  • Content Curation (Included in add-on)

    Establish your place as a thought leader with automated content curation making it simple to find and publish content that appeals to your audience.

  • Social Advocacy (Included in add-on)

    The social advocacy board enables selected team members and partners with the tools needed to easily share content to their social networks to increase your company’s outreach.

  • Social Customer Care (Included in add-on)

    Intelligently view and respond to your organisation’s social mentions or hashtags in an easy to use dashboard to resolve customer issues or respond to feedback.

  • Analytics (Included in add-on)

    Gain a clear understanding of your social clicks and conversions and learn how your social content is performing with rich impactful analytics.

ClickDimensions Social Marketing

Intelligent Dashboards

Most recently, ClickDimensions introduced a brand-new intelligent dashboards add-on. These are purpose built for marketers, ready to use and provide a robust and affordable data solution. The dashboards push data from CRM, ClickDimensions, Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Microsoft Advertising into 12 pre-built dashboards with over 140 different views, making reporting simple and effective.

Email Template Builder

Enhancements are often added to ClickDimensions’ intuitive drag and drop email template builder. Our favourite recent update is the new video block, which allows you to embed videos into email templates. ClickDimensions has also introduced dynamic content abilities which enable users to personalise their marketing emails by controlling what content the recipient will see. For example, when designing a newsletter, you could configure the email send to display different content depending on if the recipient was a prospect or a customer.

Campaign Automation Builder

ClickDimensions lets you put your campaigns on autopilot by creating interactive user journeys. Most recently, they added a new automation trigger which can initiate an action when somebody visits your website. Examples of this action could include emailing the web visitor or notifying a salesperson to give that person a call.

The roadmap is also looking bright!

The roadmap is looking equally as exciting as the recent updates. Including a new survey builder which will be out within the next few weeks, a zoom integration and a new landing page editor using a similar simple drag and drop interface as the email designer.

If you are interested in seeing a demonstration or finding out more about what ClickDimensions can bring to your marketing team, get in touch at or 01628 519 000.

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