Valo Ideas

Last month Valo launched their brand-new solution, Valo Ideas.

Sharing new ideas is critical to ensure you can drive innovation and stay ahead of the competition. For global companies, or companies adjusting to home working, it can be difficult to make sure that your colleagues’ ideas are heard by the right people.

So how do you replace those chats by the coffee machine or overheard office conversations? Valo ideas has the answer.

Empower your teams to ideate and co-innovate in the modern workplace with Valo Ideas.

Valo ideas is powered by Microsoft Teams and modern SharePoint Sites. This easy-to-install tool can be added directly to your exisiting Microsoft Teams solution, leveraging Microsoft 365 Groups to ensure security considerations are met.

Valo ideas enable you to:

  • Create a positive and motivated workforce by enabling co-innovation and transparency

  • Make better decisions by collecting and developing ideas from around the organisation

  • Share and discuss ideas in a centralised, easy to use location

  • Utilise tools already present in the organisation

Features of Valo Ideas

React and contribute

to ideas and suggestions you find valuable

Search and filter

ideas by type, team, benefit, category or trending

Create idea campaigns

in any channel in Teams and collect input around relevant topics

Analyse and measure

trends with the visual analytics board

Turn discussions into ideas

with the Teams-integrated feature

Focus on ideation

while the Valo ideas bot works away in the background

Single sign-on

means everything is linked to Microsoft 365 and no extra platform is needed

Idea dashboard

lets people access and organise new and trending ideas with a personalised dashboard

Idea contributor

defines who the idea reaches; the whole organisation or a specific team

If you are interested in learning more or seeing a demo of Valo Ideas, get in touch at

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