Building your Power Platform Centre of Excellence

Building your Power Platform Centre of Excellence

Use of the Power Platform is growing rapidly as organisations realise the huge benefits that can be achieved with simple business apps.

When introducing the platform, the excitement we see is often quickly followed by the question of governance. The large number of use-cases and the low requirement for technical expertise can lead some IT teams to panic that they will become overwhelmed with new apps to manage and a flurry of questions from curious colleagues.

Common questions IT departments have about the Power Platform:

  • How do we support this platform?
  • Do we have time to support this platform?
  • What and how many apps and flows do we already have?
  • Are these apps and flows built in the right way?
  • What are these apps and flows connecting to?
  • What is the best way to train users?
  • How do we manage cybersecurity?
  • Is the environment set up correctly?
  • How do we prevent data leakage?

How a Centre of Excellence can help

A Centre of Excellence is a set of guidelines, knowledge and resources designed to improve governance, consistency and compliance throughout the organisation. Organisations can establish their own CoE by bringing together resources such as policies on Data Loss Prevention, guidance on best practice for building Power Apps and mechanisms for requesting and managing new Power Apps. This gives IT teams peace of mind by providing a blueprint for how apps should be built and delivering monitoring tools to keep track of apps, data and access.

What is the Power Platform Centre of Excellence Starter Kit from Microsoft?

Microsoft’s Power Platform CoE is a collection of components and tools that are designed to help you get started with the platform, accelerate adoption and help with nurture and support within your organisation. By taking advantage of the free Starter Kit, organisations can get a head start on establishing their CoE and becoming confident in their adoption of Power Apps.

This Starter Kit provides the tools to get started, but managing your CoE going forward requires people, communication and processes. It should be thoughtfully designed and adjusted by each organisation to meet their needs and requirements.

Key Features of the Power Platform CoE Starter Kit

Power BI Dashboards

Familiarise yourself with the resources and makers in your environment.

Identify orphaned apps

Assign them to new owners by using the embedded app in the Power BI dashboard.

Ability to plan your data loss prevention (DLP) policy

Use the DLP editor to mitigate the risk of negatively affecting apps when making changes to your policies.

Embrace your maker community

Develop a nurture and adoption strategy, onboard new makers, organise internal events such as show and tell sessions, training workshops and put together templates and best practices.

Start planning your governance strategy

Identify your requirements for what makes a compliant app or maker, what info you’ll need per app or per maker, what happens to noncompliant apps and makers, how you’ll support your maker community in building compliant apps that follow best practices, what audits you want to run and what actions you’ll drive based on those audits.

Benefits of the Power Platform CoE:

  • Easy and quick to get set up and can be customised to suite your organisation’s use of the platform.

  • Empowers your makers/ citizen developers to turn an innovative idea into reality easily with templates, reusable patterns and a community of other users to learn from.

  • Helps IT teams drive strategic value from the Power Apps platform.

  • Provides administrators with unparalleled visibility of what’s going on.

Install, set up and deployment

There is a vast collection of resources and documentation online from Microsoft on how to set up and deploy the CoE. You can find out more and download the CoE Starter Kit with this link.

There are certain licensing requirements to be aware of when using the CoE. Our licensing team will be happy to talk you through these licensing prerequisites.

How can Pythagoras help?

The Power Platform CoE is just a starter kit, and to gain maximum value out of the tools it is important to configure and design the kit to fit your organisation’s needs.

Pythagoras can assist you with setting up the CoE and can make any adjustments to the platform that help to align to your goals. We can also provide training, show you how to use the tools successfully and help you to make decisions regarding your policies, procedures and best practice.

Lastly, should you decide that the Centre of Excellence Starter Kit isn’t right for you, we can support you to establish your Centre of Excellence using our own processes and tools. We can also advise on Power Apps best practice and help to architect, design and support your Power Apps solutions.

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