Reduce your environmental impact with the Microsoft Sustainability Calculator

Migrating from on-premise datacentres to cloud services such as Microsoft Azure can considerably improve your organisation’s efficiency. A 2018 study found that the Microsoft cloud is 93% more energy efficient and 98% more carbon efficient than on-premise solutions. Microsoft aim to empower customers and partners to set and achieve their own sustainability goals in order to see positive change.

Microsoft released the Sustainability Calculator to enable organisations to understand and reduce their environmental impact and make more sustainable IT decisions. This Power BI application for Azure enterprise customers provides insight into carbon emissions data associated with their use of Azure services.

Gain a deeper understanding of the impact cloud sustainability has on your emissions

  • The sustainability dashboard gives you greater visibility of greenhouse gas emissions associated with your usage of Microsoft cloud services.

  • Understand the source of emissions with actual and avoided emissions tracking.

  • Measure the impact Microsoft Cloud services has on your carbon footprint with carbon accounting.

  • Learn how to reduce your emissions even further by moving more applications or services to the cloud.

  • Discover helpful information into how to use the calculator and Microsoft’s sustainable initiatives and investments.

Easily prepare environmental impact reports

The preparation report page in the Microsoft Sustainability Calculator provides a tool to help you prepare internal and external sustainability reports that can be exported and further analysed. This makes driving sustainability in the organisation easier than ever before.

Getting started

The Microsoft Sustainability Calculator is available for free on AppSource here.

The Microsoft Sustainability Calculator runs on Power BI Pro, if you don’t have Power BI Pro, you can get started using a free trial. To gain access to the calculator you will need your enterprise account enrolment ID and access key, typically available through your organisation’s Azure administrator.

Get in touch at if you have any questions or require assistance.

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