What is Microsoft Viva?

This month Microsoft announced a brand-new employee experience platform called Microsoft Viva.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella says, ‘Microsoft Viva brings together everything an employee needs to be successful from day one in a single integrated experience directly in teams.’

The way we work has dramatically changed over the past year, and many predict that remote working will continue to be the norm, even after the pandemic. Microsoft has already made huge headway helping organisations navigate the complexities of working from home, and this new platform is another push from Microsoft that will help businesses adapt and thrive.

Research has found that organisations have 21% greater profitability if their employees are highly engaged (Gallup, 2017), something that has been challenging for some when working remotely.

Introducing Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform built to help people connect, learn, focus and thrive in the modern working world. It is built upon SharePoint and Microsoft 365 and sits directly within Microsoft Teams. The platform has many similar features to what you might expect from a traditional intranet, collating vital parts of your business into a centralised location.

The aim of Microsoft Viva is to:

  • Empower people and teams

  • Maintain a strong company culture

  • Encourage collaborative communication

  • Boost productivity

  • Utilise knowledge and expertise

  • Stimulate learning and growth

  • Enhance employee wellbeing

Microsoft Viva’s Four Modules:

  • Microsoft Viva Connections
  • The hub for internal communications and connecting with colleagues remotely. The personalised feed and dashboard will become the gateway to your digital workplace. Create communities, share company news, policies and latest resources.
  • Microsoft Viva Learning
  • Integrates learning and personal development into employees’ day-to-day activities and company culture. Viva Learning aggregates content from LinkedIn learning, Microsoft Learn, your organisations own content and any third-party providers you may use.
  • Microsoft Viva Insights
  • Provides actionable insights for managers and leaders to better understand your team’s productivity and work patterns without invading individual privacy. Harness personal data driven insights from MyAnalytics to help make time for focused work and regular breaks.
  • Microsoft Viva Topics
  • Encourages knowledge sharing, helps harness expertise and find the correct information using AI, which automatically surfaces topic cards with relevant content, people and conversations from across your apps such as Office, SharePoint and Teams.

Extensible and integrated platform

The Microsoft Viva platform is designed to be flexible and extensible, meaning organisations can personalise and extend the platform to suit their specific business needs and ways of working. Microsoft Viva can also be easily integrated with the systems and tools companies are already using, for example Dynamics 365, The Power Platform, Microsoft 365 and other third-party solutions. Microsoft are only just getting started, and it seems this platform will see many additions in the upcoming months and years.

Getting started

Microsoft Viva Topics is available now for Microsoft 365 customers, Microsoft Viva Insights is currently in public preview and Microsoft Viva Learning is in private preview.

Watch Microsoft’s announcement video 

Visit the Microsoft Viva website 

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What is Microsoft Viva?