Laying Out a Productive User Interface in SharePoint 2013


When discussing User Experience (UX), professionals in the field will often refer to the 7 ‘pillars’ of UX (see below).  Perhaps the most familiar of those pillars is ‘Usable’.  In this article, I will explain some best practices around usability (with specific reference to SharePoint 2013) and show how the SharePoint user interface (and its elements) can be used to create a great user experience.


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Creating a SharePoint 2013 Theme


Basic branding of SharePoint has been made easier than ever by the new release of SharePoint 2013, so it’s great that Microsoft have acknowledged that companies love branding their SharePoint solutions.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an advanced developer to create great SharePoint 2013 themes, you just need have good taste, an eye for design, and to know your brand.

In this post we go step by step on how to configure the font, colours, logo, and the background image for your new SharePoint 2013 theme. The configuration is done in the comfort of SharePoint designer.

Also in this post we also discuss other tools and techniques which make life easier when creating a theme.

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