A practical approach to cloud in local government

Successfully harnessing cloud services as part of a digital transformation


The benefits of cloud are well known today, but just how do you successfully harness its power to drive your digital transformation?

A practical approach to cloud in Local Government

82% of public sector bodies have now adopted cloud services, up from just 62% a year ago, and 51% regard it as very important or critical to their digital transformation strategies.*

*http://www.ukauthority.com/news/7496/public-sector-still-picking-low-hanging-fruit-in-cloud – Cloud Industry Forum figures, see https://www.cloudindustryforum.org/content/cloud-unlocking-transformation-across-uks-public-sector

Thought leaders from 13 local authorities – from London boroughs to districts, those with shared services and some newly devolved regional authorities – participated a series of round tables in London and Manchester and one-on-one interviews staged by UKAuthority and local government solutions specialist Pythagoras to investigate the real keys to success in the cloud.

Most authorities now have some applications running, or data stored, in cloud services, and all are planning to make further use of these as they move towards working in a digital environment. Not all migrations are straightforward and without care cloud can upset the foundations of an organisation’s IT architecture and business processes. In addition, there are often fiendishly difficult issues to overcome around legacy arrangements, organisational cultures and the choices on what goes into or stays out
of the cloud.

Our thought leaders debated these issues, shared experience and proffered advice about how cloud can be harnessed to drive successful digital transformation in local government. The key points are summarised in this paper.

A practical approach to cloud in local government