Hono Surya

Hono Surya


What did you study at University and where?

I studied Chemical Engineering at Undergraduate level and Computer Science at master’s level at the University of Birmingham.

Why did you apply for a role at Pythagoras?

At the time I didn’t know much about Microsoft Dynamics or CRM, but the job description of a ‘Technical Consultant’ was very appealing to me as I love the technical aspect of consultancy (such as coding) but I also wanted to be able to interact with clients.

What were the biggest takeaways of starting on the graduate scheme, having been through it?

The position started out with some in-depth training on Dynamics CRM and soon after that I was able to start working on projects, travelling to different ‘on site’ locations whilst working closely with a mentor. Starting as a graduate was pretty fun, I learned a lot during my time doing the scheme, especially around businesses and working life in general.

Can you explain to me about Pythagoras ‘sponsoring’ your work Visa?

Well, as an Indonesian (International or non-EU/UK), the UK Government requires me to have a work visa to work within the UK. To get the Visa, it requires the Employer to give a “Sponsorship” which Pythagoras kindly gave to me.

“Pythagoras” is a Category A sponsor which enabled Hono to transfer from a Tier 4 Student Visa to a Tier 2 General Visa after he finished his degree.’
Lara Bell, Director of People and Culture

How has Pythagoras supported your personal development?

Pythagoras have been very supportive with my development through; providing help internally, sending me on training courses, and also allowing me to choose the skills I develop by assigning me to projects where they are needed. In addition to this they have also supported me by allowing time to revise for exams and I am currently planning to achieve some more Azure Certifications.

What would your advice be to other graduates thinking about a career in technology?

My advice would be – don’t be afraid of technology! Even though it may look daunting at the beginning my experience, over the past 2 and a half years, has proven that its actually very logical and always has a lot of reasoning behind it.

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