Ian Cummings

Ian Cummings

Principal Consultant

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you came to join Pythagoras

After leaving university in 1990, I started my career working at various technology companies and during my time quickly came into contact with the Microsoft product stack and quickly found an interest in CRM. Since then I have enjoyed working at Microsoft partners around the UK which ultimately lead me to Pythagoras.

Since joining Pythagoras how have you developed not only professionally but also personally?

I like a challenge and I like to be kept busy – I hate twiddling my thumbs. At Pythagoras, being challenged and staying busy have never been a problem. Every day brings a different challenge because the client base is so varied and that is what I enjoy.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role as a Principal Consultant?

I am looking forward to becoming involved in more projects but from a higher-level technical perspective and to having more influence on our technical approach to the solutions we build for our clients.

What is your favourite aspect of the consultancy role?

I like the variation that consultancy brings, no two clients are the same and that usually means no two systems are the same either. The technological landscape is continuously changing, and our solutions should be doing that too.

What, do you think, are the most significant benefits of Dynamics 365 for businesses?

Dynamics 365 is the killer-app of our time for businesses simply because it is so customisable. The Dynamics 365 platform can be made to do just about anything. Since Microsoft have introduced Dataverse (previously known as the Common Data Service), you can build a system on top of the Dynamics platform that maybe has no similarity to a customer relationship management system. Any system that needs a database and the possibility to relate data across tables can use Dataverse and that just about means any conceivable application you can think of.

How have you seen the technology industry develop over the course of your career?

I was at school the first time I saw and used a personal computer; I knew at that point I wanted to be a computer programmer (that’s what a software developer was called then). The world wide web was invented whilst I was at university but was still only a research project when I left uni.

We now have cloud computing in massive computing data centres, we have portable laptops, we have more computing power in our mobile phones than the PC’s I used when starting my career. The technology we have today was beyond imagination when I started in this industry, just about every technological thing we have and use today was like sci-fi dream when I was a kid.

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