Yang Liu

Yang Liu

Senior Consultant

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you came to join Pythagoras

I had quite a mixed background before my journey began at Pythagoras, I studied Journalism for my bachelor’s degree and then went onto achieve a Master’s in Digital Humanities, a subject combining computer science and humanities. After graduating from University College London, I joined Pythagoras as a Graduate Consultant in 2016.

What’s your experience of being a woman in the technology industry?

There is definitely still evidence that women are the minority within the technology industry, sometimes you can be the only women in the meeting room. However, over the past 5 years I’ve met a lot of women in industry with different roles, such as Account Manager, Project Manager, Financial Controller, Developers etc. I can feel that we’re all very proud of ourselves and over the past few years more and more women have been entering the industry which has been great to see.

How has Pythagoras supported your personal development?

Pythagoras has encouraged me to attend some ‘Women in Technology’ events over the past few years, where I have come across so many inspiring people. I have been able to gain not only technical knowledge, but also life lessons such as how to be confident and supportive in the community etc. I also attend regular Microsoft webinars and training to learn about the latest features of Microsoft products.

Alongside attending training and events I write articles, for Medium, on Women in Technology and Data Science. I always share my articles with colleagues, they give me positive feedback and are always very interested! I also volunteer at the Science Museum to teach children coding as part of the Coder Dojo programme. Pythagoras have been really supportive of my volunteering and have also extended their volunteering scheme this year which allows employees 20 days to support a charity or community as a volunteer.

What is your favourite aspect of the consultancy role?

One of my favourite things about working as a consultant is the diversity of projects, and our clients varying requirements. We get the chance to learn about what other people do in their daily jobs, which is interesting to me.

I also like the challenge the role of a consultant brings, technology evolves so fast, and therefore, we need to keep updating our knowledge and skills. For me, I managed to link my interest in Data with Power BI; UX design in Dynamics 365 and Dynamics Portals.

What has your experience been like working from the London office?

I enjoy working at the London office, it’s a small office with brilliant and friendly people. If I have a question no matter if it’s technical or just general, I know, I can I ask anyone in the office for some help.

Pythagoras also have multiple annual events where all three offices can get together and socialise, including the Christmas party, Summer party and the quarterly company update days.

Where do you see yourself and your role progressing?

I can see the whole world is going to be a lot more digital in the future. So, our work can make a difference! Technology is constantly changing and updating so Consultants are always learning new things, for me it has been the introduction of the Power Platform. As for the bigger picture, I think there will be more opportunities for us to help companies get started on their ‘Microsoft’ journey.

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