Frequently Asked Questions about our Graduate Scheme

We understand that choosing your first role out of university can be daunting and it’s difficult to know what to expect from a graduate scheme.  Here are some questions our recent graduates asked us during the hiring process that you might find helpful.

QHow many other graduates will be on the programme?
AWe like to try and hire 4 graduates at a time. We find the programme works best when you have colleagues to bounce ideas around with. However, we are selective, so numbers might vary.
QI am currently studying under a tier 4 student Visa, are you able to sponsor me?
APythagoras is a category A sponsor and can sponsor individuals under the tier 2 arrangements. Indeed, we have a number of graduate alumni who joined us having studied at a UK university.
QWhat are the current arrangements regarding social distancing (July 2020)?
AFollowing the period of lockdown where the entire organisation worked successfully from home Pythagoras have adopted a model of blended working from home and from the office. However, we know our graduates get a lot from being with colleagues and hearing what they are working on so you can expect to work from the office more during your first 12 weeks. We will still run assessment days but some of the preliminary activities will be completed remotely and we will only be inviting shortlisted candidates to meet us face to face. We have completed risk assessments for our offices to ensure appropriate cleaning practices and social distancing can be adopted. You must not attend an assessment day if you are feeling unwell.
QWill you pay my expenses to travel to the assessment day?
AUnfortunately we aren’t able to reimburse travel expenses if you are selected for one of our assessment days. However, we will provide lunch and other refreshments when you are with us. If you need additional information about how to get to us, numbers for taxis, local hotels etc then please don’t hesitate to ask.
QHow can I prepare for the assessment day?
ATo get the most out of our assessment day our top tips are:

  • Familiarise yourself with our website and what we do
  • Have a think about what you are good at and what you have done that demonstrate those skills so you can give us some examples in your interview.
  • Practice some logic tests or coding tests online.
  • Have some ideas about technology trends to show you have a passion for technology (one of our 3 core values).
  • Think of some questions you’d like to ask our previous grads (you’ll have a chance over lunch).
  • Just be yourself, we want to see how you’d really work with our existing teams so although we understand you’ll be nervous try and relax a bit.
QHow long is the graduate training programme?
AThe formal programme lasts for 12 weeks although of course, your learning and development never really stops.
QWhat training will I get?
AIn our 12 week programme you will have a mixture of formal classroom based training, group work, self-learning, work shadowing and assessments. We’ll sponsor you to complete your first Microsoft exam which enables you to join the Microsoft community.
QWill I need to stay away from home to attend the training?
AWhen there are formal training sessions booked into your schedule these will ordinarily be run from our Maidenhead office. If this isn’t where you are ordinarily based from we’ll pick up travel costs and if you have an unreasonable distance to travel on consecutive days we’ll arrange and pay for hotels.
QWhat do I have to do to be able to pass the programme?
AHere comes another list:

  • Demonstrate your ability to understand the core functionality of Dynamics CRM by passing the required exam.
  • Understand the basics of how technology solutions can be applied in a business context.
  • Show that you can work as part of a team collaboratively and productively.
  • Demonstrate that you have the appropriate communication skills to work with our clients.
  • Show that you can work independently and proactively problem solve.
  • But, that you also know when to ask for help or flag a problem.
  • Show that you can learn new things and that your have a commitment to continuous development.
  • Have good attendance, meet deadlines.
QWhat happens if I start the training and then decide the role isn’t for me?
AWe really hope that doesn’t happen but if it does we’d wish you well in your future career. Some companies will ask you to pay back your training costs, but we’re so confident you’ll want to stay that all training provided in the first 12 weeks is on us.
QHow quickly will I progress?
AWe have a structured career progression with 3 levels of Consultant, 3 levels of senior Consultant and 2 of Lead Consultant. After you have completed your 12 week training you should be at C1 level and should expect to progress to C2 in the following 12 to 18 months.