Answering your questions: Higher Education CRM Briefing

​Our Higher Education Briefing on Thursday 15th May 2014 showcased our Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Power BI solutions for Higher Education.

Below is our selection of the top 5 questions posed on the day.

1. “Our University employs outbound telemarketing staff, are their actions captured in CRM against each record?”

Yes, following the start of a call the contacts screen will prompt you to add a completed activities, notes and set future tasks for yourself, other individuals or teams.

2. Can I build a target or marketing list based on certain criteria?

Absolutely, within Dynamics CRM you can build static or dynamic lists utilising the power of query and advanced find. For example you can build a dynamic marketing list that contains prospective students who have attended the Business School open day. One the prospective student becomes enrolled they or changes their prospective course choice they will be removed from that marketing list and added dynamically added to a new list.
3. “My institution has unique admissions processes, often utilising auditions and interviews. Is the admissions profile customisable?”

We recognise each institution has unique ways of working. Our Higher Education solution built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM is fully customisable to each institutions unique requirements.

4. When enquiries and queries come in via our website, these are allocated manually. How does this change with Dynamics CRM from Pythagoras?

Workflow will automatically allocate queries and enquiries from the website to the relevant teams or individual schools within the University etc.

5. Our current system creates multiple enquiry records for prospective students?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM from Pythagoras will automatically capture “lead” records for prospective students coming via inbound marketing. Once a full contact record is created all lead records will be rolled up, carrying forward previous information, requests etc.